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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

free download Photo Editor by Aviary for BB10 and Playbook


“A one-stop shop for any photo editing need.” -Mashable
“A very comprehensive photo editor and pretty much everything you could ever want to do on your phone.” -LifeHacker
“A solid, simple camera editing app.” -USA Today
Aviary is a powerful photo editor which we created because we wanted a quick and easy way to edit our photos on the go with no fuss.
We’ve included all the tools you need, in a super intuitive interface so you can get right to editing.
+ One-tap auto enhance
+ Gorgeous photo effects and frames
+ Fun stickers
+ Color balance
+ Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo
+ Adjust brightness, contrast, color temperature, and saturation
+ Sharpen and blur
+ Color temperature (“Warmth”)
+ Color Splash
+ Focus (Tilt Shift)
+ Draw and add text
+ Create your own memes
+ Cosmetic tools: fix redeye, remove blemishes and whiten teeth
…and we’re adding new tools all the time:)Got a feature request?? It may already be in the works! Check out the list of upcoming features or submit your own idea at http://aviary.uservoice.com
+ Purchasable effect packs! (We provide 12 effects for free, but if you’d like to add on more you can.)
+ High resolution output
+ Drag and drop to customize the toolset
+ Scroll through your recent photos in a cover photo-like view from the home screen
+ Long press on photos on the homescreen to see options (including deleting the photo from your device)
>> Developers: Want to add this editor to your own app? You can choose the tools you need, change the colors of the UI, and more. Download our SDK for free to embed Aviary directly inside your app, or create your own customized plugin – learn more at aviary.com.
If you have any questions, please email android@aviary.com.
android.permission.INTERNET (for error reporting)
android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE (for saving your edited photos)
android.permission.VIBRATE (for some fun tactile feedback which we bet will make you smile!)
android.permission.NFC (used to share photos via NFC from the main screen)

free download Kindle Cloud Reader for Playbook

Load this in your Playbook Web Browser for a full Amazon Experience


Gratis AK Notepad voor Playbook

Het makkelijkste notitieblok voor Android smartphones en tablets!
Eenvoudig, schoon ontwerp ideaal voor dagelijks gebruik:
* Leg notities
* Stel herinneringen
* Deel notities via SMS, e-mail & meer
* Pin merkt direct op je startscherm
* Stel nootkleuren
* Organiseer uw notities met tags zoals # werken # school # boodschappen
* Sorteren en zoeken
* Export / import
* Toegangscode
Werkt met uw gratis Catch.com account:
* AK Notepad merkt automatisch een back-up naar Catch.com
* Deel notities met Catch Notes voor Android en iPhone
* E-mail toelichting op note@catch.com en ze verschijnen in AK Notepad
* Download Catch Notes als je wilt meer functies zoals foto notities, gesproken notities en checklists. U kunt dezelfde Catch account gebruiken om al uw notities te vinden.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

5 manieren om snelheid Laden Blackberry

 Heeft u een probleem of een Blackberry boos met traag laden of zelfs meer traag omdat de meeste geïnstalleerde applicaties?
Hier zijn enkele tips over hoe om te versnellen Laden Blackberry.
Proberen en te oefenen met rust, want mijn BB is nog vrij makwuss voor het laden, mrgreen. Als je vrienden het gevoel oude of langzaam laden kan dit een truc proberen.

Voor mijn vrienden die BB kunnen de volgende tips proberen, wie weet BB vrienden kunnen makwuss langer laden zijn.

5 manieren om snelheid Laden Blackberry:

1. Verwijder de Blackberry Battery
Probeer de batterij uit de telefoon lichaam om de 2-3 dagen te verwijderen. Laat staan ​​voor 1 tot 2 minuten. Deze werkwijze dient om de resten van ongebruikte bestanden door het proces van chatten of bladeren te verwijderen.
2. Log wissen
Reinig het logboek door op ALT LGL G. Nadat de resultaten van de log op het scherm verschijnt, drukt u op de BlackBerry-logo => Kies helder of helder log log => Druk vervolgens op delete.
3. geheugen Reiniging
De stappen zijn keuze-opties => beveiligingsopties => Geheugen opschonen. Druk vervolgens op de BlackBerry-logo en selecteer schoon nu.
4. Hostrouteringstabel
Presteren 2-3 dagen. De truc, selecteert u opties => geavanceerde opties => Hostrouteringstabel. Daarna drukt u op de BlackBerry-logo. Selecteer registreer nu.
5. diagnostische test
Op deze manier zal worden bezien of de BlackBerry correct is aangesloten. Start van PIN en registreren e-mail. De truc, selecteert u opties => mobiele netwerk. Daarna drukt u het BlackBerry-logo, diagnostische test en druk nogmaals op de BlackBerry-logo klikken.
Oke lah vrienden, dus eerste review van interessante informatie over Tips en Trick gaat over "5 manieren om snelheid Laden Blackberry". Zie je terug in de Tips en Trick lees meer ...

5 Ways to Speed ​​Loading Blackberry

Have a problem or a Blackberry upset with slow loading or even more slow because most installed applications?
Here are some tips on how to Accelerate Loading Blackberry.
Please try and practice alone, because my BB is still fairly makwuss for loading, mrgreen. If you have friends feel old or slow loading could try this one trick.

For my friends who have BB can try the following tips, who knows BB friends can be makwuss longer loading.

5 Ways to Speed ​​Loading Blackberry:

1. Remove the Blackberry Battery
Try to remove the battery from the phone body every 2-3 days. Let stand for 1 to 2 minutes. This method serves to remove the remnants of unused files due to the process of chatting or browsing.
2. Clear Log
Clean the log by pressing ALT LGL G. After the results of the log appears on the screen, press the BlackBerry logo => Choose clear or clear log log => Then press delete.
3. Memory cleaning
The steps are select options => security options => memory cleaning. Then press the BlackBerry logo and select clean now.
4. Host Routing Table
Perform 2-3 days. The trick, select options => advanced options => host routing table. After that press the BlackBerry logo. Select register now.
5. Diagnostic Test
This way it will be seen whether the BlackBerry is connected properly. Start of PIN and register email. The trick, select options => mobile network. After that, press the BlackBerry logo, diagnostic test and press the BlackBerry logo button again.
Okay lah friends, so first review of interesting info about Tips And Trick is about "5 Ways to Speed ​​Loading Blackberry". See you back in Tips And Trick read more ...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Resumé: En web-browser til mobile enheder tilbyder hurtig hastighed, Opera Mini bruger Operas servere til at komprimere websider, så de indlæses hurtigere. Du kan også spare penge på datagebyrer, da den bruger så lidt som en tiendedel af dataene normale browsere.

Krav: BlackBerry kompatibelt

En web-browser til mobile enheder tilbyder hurtig hastighed, Opera Mini bruger Operas servere til at komprimere websider, så de indlæses hurtigere. Du kan også spare penge på datagebyrer, da den bruger så lidt som en tiendedel af dataene normale browsere.

Facebook, Google, Yahoo!-med Opera Mini, indlæse alle dine yndlingssteder hurtigere end du nogensinde har set på din BlackBerry.

Flere funktioner:

-Vores nye grænseflade ser bedre på din BlackBerry og giver Opera Mini et slankt og moderne udseende.

-Synkroniser bogmærker, Speed ​​Dial og mere med din computer eller andre mobile enheder via Opera Link.

-Twitter og Facebook support er indbygget, så du nemt kan dele webindhold med andre.

-Spil og gratis apps kan downloades fra Opera Mobile Store via Opera Mini Speed ​​Dial.

Denne hurtige browser er det ultimative for browsing på langsomme internetforbindelser eller mens betaler per megabyte anvendte data.

Også tjekke Opera Mobile, den præmie oplevelse, når Wi-Fi eller trådløst bredbånd.

Oplev mere på http://opera.com/mobile/

Hold kontakten med Opera:

Twitter - http://twitter.com/opera/

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/Operamini/

Best instant messaging apps smartphones list below 2013

We take a glance at the simplest free Best instant messaging apps smartphones around that aim to save lots of you cash and keep you in-tuned Not that long ago agone it had been a straightforward text message or a decision to urge in-tuned with somebody, unless you closely-held a very masterful set of pigeons. Nowadays, though, there are several, several choices out there that may provide even quicker messaging. Referred to as instant messengers, these new apps create it unbelievably straightforward to remain in-tuned with friends, family and anyone else. There are quite few out there, and a few provide video calls, the power to send photos and even your location, that is handy if you are attempting to rearrange a get-together. Best of all, if you utilize Wi-Fi or have a generous information allowance, you will not nark your decision minutes or text message allowance either, probably saving you slews of money.
So that are the simplest services out there? Here ar a number of our favourites:

2013 Best instant messaging apps smartphones list below

Google talk
Google is attempting to urge a foot within the door of social media, however whereas Google+ continues to be years behind Facebook in terms of recognition, it boasts plenty of helpful services that lots of individuals use. One of those is Google talk, a second messenger that you simply will use once logged into Google Mail, on an android device (Google unreal android therefore most of its product are integrated in some form) or from at intervals the Google speak app. Cleverly, Google speak can run at intervals your iPhone’s campaign browser, which suggests the moment courier may be a very little a lot of versatile than you initially expect. In my opinion one of the few Best instant messaging apps smartphones for you.
Available on android, iOS (via campaign browser), BlackBerry. unengaged to transfer.
Skype was bought by Microsoft for $8.5 billion bucks, that ought to provide you with some indication of however huge Skype has become. Over 600 million users worldwide use it, associate degree currently it’s on the market as an app on concerning something. It’s even being engineered into Windows eight and presumably even Windows Phone Apollo. Skype on all platforms offers a second courier, phone calls, emoticons and even video calls, see you later as you’ve got a front-facing camera on your Smartphone. It’s simple and, due to its unbelievable quality, you’re possibly to seek out friends and family on there, that makes it straightforward to suggest.
Available on android, iOS, Windows Phone, Symbian. unengaged to transfer. Skype credit value applies for career abroad.
Samsung desires a slice of each mobile pie there’s going, therefore it created its own instant courier referred to as ChatON!. ChatON! Permits you to form animated messages, text a lot of typical messages, cluster chat with over 2 friends, send photos, videos, audio, contacts, location and even calendar appointments. There’s even a Facebook-esque social wall and a box referred to as Trunk for a few cloud sharing action. It’s easy to mention ChatON! is over simply a courier app, then.
Available on android, BlackBerry, iOS. free to transfer.
Imo allows you to check in and chat with variety of various services, together with Google speak, AIM/ICQ, Yahoo, Skype, MSN, Steam, MySpace and Hyves, that makes it one versatile beast. Imo conjointly boasts all the opposite usual options like cluster chats, instant voice messaging, likewise as a number of its own sort of a chat history and a network therefore you’ll meet alternative imo users.
Available on android, iOS, BlackBerry, Nokia. unengaged to transfer.
BlackBerry messenger Best instant messaging apps smartphones
It might be previous, and in step with some sources, a riot-helper, however BlackBerry courier continues to be a reason why individuals purchase a BlackBerry device. It’s trying a trifle dated however inside BBM was forever regarding providing another to text that does not value a penny, and that is why we have a tendency to still recommend it. Obviously cross-platform support may be a little bit of a problem. we have a tendency have been rumours it’d be launched on alternative devices however we are not holding our breath.
Available on BlackBerry.
Meebo, like Imo, supports as several platforms because it will, which suggests you’ll use it from most services. It’s not terribly technical however the iOS version above all boasts lots of neat interface options that create using Meebo a joy, and that is before you discover the superb push notifications system. Throw in the power to review your chat history, either from your phone or on the Meebo web site, and networks you’ll be part of and you’ve got a fine instant messenger.
Available on android, iOS. free to transfer and use on-line (no transfer needed for the latter).
Viber is comparatively small-fry when put next with the on top of however it still gets over a billion messages sent from at intervals it monthly. Naturally, then, Viber is doing one thing right – and it’s. a straightforward interface and therefore the ability to tug in your contacts automatically in addition to no further value makes it value a glance. Not all platforms have a similar practicality however ‘HD-quality voice calls’ are coming back to BlackBerry and Windows Phone within the close to future could be the Best instant messaging apps smartphones.
Available on android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone. unengaged to transfer.
Best instant messaging apps smartphones from iphone. Apple likes to champion its own product, some it gets right. Some, like Game Center, it gets fully wrong. weekday within the 1st camp is iMessage, a second messenger built into iOS five.1. iMessage permits you to send text, photos, video content, contacts and locations, and this could be worn out the cluster operate. Although cross-platform practicality is clearly a giant no-go, very similar to with BlackBerry messenger, it’s still a good thanks to keep in-tuned with contacts in heaps century fashion.
Available on iOS (5.0 and above).
Best instant messaging apps smartphones train text Best instant messaging apps smartphones 2013
Best instant messaging apps smartphones train text

Most Popular Best instant messaging apps smartphones

WhatsApp was one in every of the primary real alternatives to BlackBerry messenger (BBM) and it’s evolved into a good messaging app, and one that works absolutely between platforms. You can send free text messages likewise as pictures and audio without charge, providing you’ve got an information connection. WhatsApp even incorporates a cluster chat operate and push notifications, wherever a platform permits it, therefore you recognize once somebody has replied or started chatting with you.
Finally, you’ll share locations.
Available on android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia. free to download
If you feel we have missed out on any app let us know or make your comments belowregarding the Best instant messaging apps smartphones article above.


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